Video Venue
Video Venue was a video lounge, which is curated by Sarah Schmidt and Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson, GoldDigger Productions. During 2013-2014 presented GoldDigger Productions VideoVenue at Atalante in connection with four performances. Art films were shown before or after the performance in Atalantes foyer. The performance had the lead role, but the video work were interacting. The video works functioned as an extension of the themes in the performance.

The video artists and works that were shown were as follows;
Anna Linder Cum Pane and Densen in connection with Daniel AlmgrenRecéens performance Near that place.
Kim Johansson Ur Glömd Funktion in connection with Andros Zins-Browne The Lac of Signs.
Tina Carlsson Huvudnäs 1963-2008 in connection with Rabih Mroué Riding On a Cloud.
Åsa Sjöström Mass-monument for a Capitalist Society in connection with Maria Hassabis Premiere och the text piece The Power of Projections (Potemkin) by Anna Wignell