tumblr_my692ieV4M1s4e2w8o1_1280Part of the installation and the performance, Follow her hand, Till The Dark End of the Street, Cross in the night, Become invisible in a blink of an eye at the Gallery Box.

In 2012 the curators, Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson and Sarah Schmidt, invited a number of professional choreographers and artists to collaborate and investigates the limits and methods of their artistry in the project Under My Feet 2.0.
It’s nothing new that choreographers working with artists, but in this case, collaboration and process is performed parallel. No one working on behalf of the other, both have a common part of the artistic process. The choreographers and artists completely control over their own process.
GoldDigger Productions want to create more forums for a development in which the artistic expressions and practices into a process mixed. A forum for experimentation and exploration of boundaries and where the end product is not the most important, is the process.

Soledad Howe and Anna Lamberg had an installation and performance art at Gallery Box 4 January 2014. Participating in the installation: Soledad Howe and Frederika Byman Moberg. Music: Malin Dahlström Disdishdance

Soledad Howe works with dance, choreography and scenographic elements in the borderland of performance art, concert and installation. She is a member of danceduo Lula Children of the Sun in ongoing close collaborations with musician Niki & the Dove and the venue Skogen. Previous works are Exotic Island, All the things we do, Hay Banda, Döden and Disdisdance & miso.
Se more at www.soledadhowe.com

Anna Lamberg work around topics related to memory, loss and the personal.
The photograph is the foundation of her work but usually it grows to spatial installations through light, sound and objects. Spatiality is important to her and to push the boundaries of what an exhibition space can be.
Anna Lamberg was educated at Högskolan för Fotografi in Gothenburg.
For more information about exhibitions and her work visit www.annalamberg.com

Supported by Atalante, Västra Götalandsregionen och Gothenburg City.