Henriette Pedersen –  Riding Romance 1 The Swan’s gone solo
Henriette Pedersen is an Oslo-based choreographer moving between theater, dance and visual arts. She is known for its visual, musical and performance pieces. Her expressions ranging from subtle introvert – the explosive extrovert, from hysteria and romance. She is known for challenging conventions about gender and her unconditional love for her audience.

(Essence of) The Swan Lake
Henriette Pedersen presented Riding Romance 1 – The Swan Lake. She had decided that for once do what most other choreographers: to introduce its own version of the famous ballet. Ever since the first version of Swan Lake saw its first audience in 1877, the ballet continues to fascinate audiences for more than a decade. But Pedersen wanted to ask how we look at work today? What are swans, and the stories are told today?
Or say; How can we ride on the romance and not just repeat what has been done for decades? Riding Romance 1 – The Swan Lake and dancers Kristine Karala Oren, Marianne Kjærsund and Elizabeth Breen Berger researched, reconstructed and retold new versions of the original ballet – night after night. They presented inside and out, placed on the back in front, broke into and out of themselves until they shook out his version of Swan Lake.

The Swan gone solo
While Riding Romance 1 – Swan Lake played with the ballet, this solo version is stripped to the point where only the core remains. For each performance creates a new work where Pedersen puts on the boiling cauldron of Swan Lake and ride romance with dancer Elizabeth Breen Berger. The swan is moved from the stage, the black box, into the gallery space. How does the romance of the white cube? How will a lone swan who is accustomed her flock suddenly stand alone? In this performance piece The Swan’s gone solo, both the dark side and the bright side settle in: The Swan. It may be the ultimate prima ballerina performance, but at the same swans usually always stick to the group can not be ignored.

Henriette Pedersen has allowed her work to be site-specific, and since 2000 she has done performance pieces, false openings and dance and theater performances. In recent years she has worked with two different trilogies. The first, Animal Magnetism I-III, began with hysteria throughout history while her latest trilogy, Riding Romance I-III, revolves around the Romantic period. In both trilogies Pedersen presents full-length performances, which are then made for the shorter format for site specific locations and performance-related happenings.

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fund utøvende kunst down. Co-Production: Black Box Theatre and Gallery Maria Veie.


Med stöd av: Arts Council Norway, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FFUK- The Fund for Performing Artists. Co-production: Black Box Teater and Galleri Maria Veie.