Skala 1:1 Helga Härenstam
First up in Skala 1:1 is the artist Helga Härenstam. She was born in Värmland in 1980 and works as an artist in Gothenburg. She studied at the School of Photography (MA 2003-2008). Her work is mostly photo-and text-based and presented in the form of exhibitions and / or books. In her art she is interested primarily in the photograph and autobiography, their storytelling aspects and their balance between fact and fiction. Helga has in recent years, in particular, worked with his art project ”Stories for a 87 year old lady” which was published in book form in the Journal publishing in 2012 and also in 2012-2013 appeared as solo exhibitions at the Culture and the Center for Photography in Stockholm, and as part of a group exhibition at Uddevalla museum.
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The gallery Skala 1:1 is a collaboration between the venue Atalante and GoldDigger Productions and is housed in a storefront on Övre Husargatan 1, 2nd floor. The exhibition is only possible to view from the street. The curators Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson and Sarah Schmidt wanted to present contemporary photography that is not tied to an institution that can be displayed in the public space

Supported by Västra Götalands Regionen Kulturnämnd