Trinidad Carrillo
Naini performing the dream of Naini

17 juni – 7 september
Photography is the medium through which Trinidad Carrillo, configuring, and strengthens a unique dimension: a territory of emotions, mysteries and riddles. What often seems to be a fairy tale suddenly turns into a living epos, how paradoxical it may sound. The bodies acquire legendary connotations but to renounce its affiliation with the present with which Carrillo create an estrangement that creates surprise and confusion in the viewer.
They who were portrayed age is important in so far as they reflect different states of experience or innocence. There is a subtle and ambiguous guise of narrativity that binds together the images and the viewer discovers that Carrillo’s photo territory not dealing with geographical locations but with a geography of connections and relationships where love is the air you breathe.

The gallery Skala 1:1 is a collaboration between the venue Atalante and GoldDigger Productions and is housed in a storefront on Övre Husargatan 1, 2nd floor. The exhibition is only possible to view from the street. The curators Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson and Sarah Schmidt wanted to present contemporary photography that is not tied to an institution that can be displayed in the public space

Supported by Västra Götalands Regionen Kulturnämnd