11 oktober kl. 16 2015
pelplats: Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts
Datum: 11 oktober kl. 16

Gratis dansbuss kommer gå från Stora Teatern 13:30 och tillbaka efter föreställnings slut. Boka din plats på

Det är omöjligt att vara allt vi ska vara och att göra allt, och när vi försöker – misslyckandet vi är dömda till är varken intressant eller roligt. Att se hopplösheten i ansiktet, står en inför ett faktiskt val, kanske det enda valet som verkligen betyder något; vältra sig i förtvivlan eller våga ta språnget för ett väldigt annorlunda liv. För att ta vägen som avbryter allt, är det enda värdiga slutet, även om det är hopplöst.

Vem mer finns där ute?


Nordur är en dansfilm och live dansinstallation som undersöker de yttre och inre landskap av vår existens och kommenterar de politiska och emotionella misslyckanden dagens kultur.

Performance och koreografi Karolin Kent (SE) och Sarah Armstrong (DK), visuell konstnär Baijie Curdt-Christiansen (DK), ljudkonstnär Tami Tamaki (SE), kostym Valeriya Olkhovas (DK).


It is impossible to be everything we are supposed to be and to do everything and when we try- the failure we are doomed to is neither interesting nor enjoyable. To look hopelessness in the face, one comes to a real choice, maybe even the only choice that really matters; wallow in despair or dare the leap for a vastly different life. To take the path of breaking with everything is the only worthwhile end, even if it is hopeless.

Who else is out there?


Nordur is a dance film and live dance installation that explores the outer and inner landscapes of our being and comments on the political and emotional failures of todays culture.
Norður is a Nordic cross-disciplinary collaboration between choreographers, dance filmmakers and performance artists Karolin Kent (SE) and Sarah Armstrong (DK), filmmaker and photographer Baijie Curdt-Christiansen (DK), sound artist Tami Tamaki (SE), costume designer Valeriya Olkhovas (DK). Produced by GoldDigger productions.

Supported by Västra Götalands Regionen, Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival, Kulturkontakt Nord, Lokstallet, Sláturhúsinu, Vitlycke – Center for Performing Arts and Kultur i Väst.

Baijie Curdt-Christiansenis an up-and-coming artist focusing on analogue photography and video.
Her work is of a unique and high calibre, incorporating dream-like visuals with a varied colour palette to inspire emotion in the viewer. While many of her photographs are emblematic of the struggles of contemporary youth culture, she has shown herself to be capable of adapting this vision to other concepts and aesthetics.
Baijie Curdt-Christiansen (b. 1989) was born in Shanghai, raised in Montreal, Singapore and Copenhagen. Since 2012, she has been studying Photography & Communication at the Danish School of Media & Journalism. In 2015, she moved to Los Angeles to apprentice with photographer Eliot Lee Hazel.

Tami Tamaki – musician / sound artist. Tami focuses on exploring new ways of delivering electronic music in live contaxt and by using digital technology she discovers tones and sounds that mainly originated from the voice, but in real-time it is processed beyond recognition. Furthermore she experiments with the gender of voices, coupled with lyrics and clothing that violates and challenge gender norms. She works in Sweden, Denmark and Germany – Latest known for producing some of the soundtrack for the prices independent film. Something must break / Nånting måste gå sönder with her song – I never loved this fats this hard before.

Valeriya Olkhovas aesthetic revolves design around developing a universal language of texture. A peek into a personal view of the world. Self expression is a mirror of a beautiful, tragic, provocative, rare; world we inhabit . Where Harmony is found in chaos. The conceptual inspiration is often rooted in metaphysical subjects, exploring emotions, psychological mind state and identities. The visual is derived from nature surroundings. The techniques are a fusion of traditional handcraft and contemporary approach. Originally from Ukraine, Kiev with education in UK (from age of 10) Graduated from Chelsea University of Arts London (2011), fashion and textiles, specialized in knitting. Currently, based in Copenhagen.

Sarah Armstrong
An independent artist based in Copenhagen working in the field of performance, writing, dance and choreography. Graduated from LABAN Dance University in 2011 and has performed in various performance art festivals and venues during the past years. Sarah mostly works in solo contexts and collective collaborations and interested in work that seek to either explore, damage or celebrate. Her works are concerned around the social and political body and queer and feminist strategies as- failure, fluidity and chaos.

Karolin Kent
As an interdisciplinary artist Karolin focus on performance and visual art, with the aim to provoke creative thinking & engage ones emotional, intellectual & physical being. Her artistic practice is motivated through research within humanitarian, environmental and political matters. After graduating with a BA in arts (2011) Karolin has presented work within performance, film and photography both nationally and internationally. As a result she established numerous international collaborations. Furthermore, Karolin is looking to integrate arts in different social contexts such as public spaces, education and therapeutic work, which aims to engage marginalized groups within arts.