KROPP & ÄRR (Body & Scars)
Skin manifestations are changes in the skin. The changes include skin texture, its color, and the presence of vesicles. This is an artistic investigation of the relationship between shame and bragging, body, and scars, in a time fixed to the surface.
The project started as a conversation in a sauna and continued as a virtual bragging projects where women did try to outdo each other in physical scars.

”I had just recently a conversation with a male friend. We noticed that we had a similar scar in the same place and then told each other how they came to be. He then showed another scar and told the story even though it. I would of course also talk about another scar and realized that it’s my biggest scars are being cut up with scissors during my birth of my first child. I stopped me a little but figured what the hell … and so I ran my story, well nuanced. He was a little embarrassed … but I felt proud! ”

In the spring 2014, work will intensify with more participative workshops that continues to twist and turn the contemporary standards of your body. Interviews and material from these these workshops will then be embodied in an experimental form that includes perfomance, projections and sound.

Julia Boström studying at Master Program Curator for Film and Video at The Academy of Fine Arts and is behind the theme and the design and Camilla Wu, Mari Hansson, Linda Isaksson and Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson and others.

26-27 APRIL 2014