Vibrissa – international urban garden tour
Vibrissa – international urban garden tour
Vibrissa butoh performance takes place in the urban garden. The intimacy between the soil and the skin takes us to the body’s inherent landscape. In the garden, the body is its own territory. The world is looking in. Microorganisms in circulation form colonies and decompose organic matter. The city’s double face. Its winding, interconnecting energy gives an underworldly shadow.

23-24 August at 15.00: Voedseltuin IJplein Amsterdam
27-28 August at 18.00: Trädgård På Spåret Stockholm
30-31 August at 15.00: Silverkällans Odlarkollektiv

Length: 40 min
Free admission, The performance takes place outdoors- no seatings.

Butoh: Frauke
Costume: Gerd Karlsson
Sound: Towering Inferno
Scenography: Maria Gouli
Production: GoldDigger Productions
Photo: Haruna Kawanishi
Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, City of Gothenburg