A fragment of an entire world, a noise of particles can accommodate a large body, the greatness of smallness. The search for enlightenment allied itself with the dark rooms. The Enlightenment the Butoh body meet the world of science in the collaboration between artist and choreographer.

2012 choreographer Frauke and artist Peter Eccher invited to Under My Feet 2.0. In March 2013 presented Frauke and Eccher their work in butoh performance Enlightenment. The music contrasts strongly in its content and created by The Knife and partly in the form of Baroque music, performed on the clavichord by Joel Speerstra.

In 2012 the curators, Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson and Sarah Schmidt, invited a number of professional choreographers and artists to collaborate and investigates the limits and methods of their artistry in the project Under My Feet 2.0.
It’s nothing new that choreographers working with artists, but in this case, collaboration and process is performed parallel. No one working on behalf of the other, both have a common part of the artistic process. The choreographers and artists completely control over their own process.
GoldDigger Productions want to create more forums for a development in which the artistic expressions and practices into a process mixed. A forum for experimentation and exploration of boundaries and where the end product is not the most important, is the process.

Butoh: Frauke
Set design / image projection: Peter Eccher
Set design / costume: Anna Sissela Gustavsson
Light design: Peter Götzlinger
music: The Knife
Clavichord: Joel Speerstra
Other costume/sewing design: S Camilla E Boström och Gerd Karlsson
Production: GoldDigger Productions (Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson och Sarah Schmidt)
Photo: Karin Jonson

6–10 MARS 2013 at Atalante.
Supported by Västra Götalandsregionen, Göteborgs Stad and Atalante