Livet döden och allt däremellan (Life death and everything in between )

Livet döden och allt däremellan is a new exclusive series of talks at Atalante. A guest is invited to talk about their background, artistry and life in front of a small, limited audience. They have different backgrounds, different experiences and different artistry. We will take part of their journey in an intimate conversation under the banner of art, power and feminism. The conversation can be about struggle and career, successes and setbacks.

As an added bonus, Livet döden och allt däremellan also will be recorded and be a podcast that you can download and listen to afterwards. Livet döden och allt däremellan is a collaboration with the WISP is an independent non-profit organization that strives for equality in the performing arts, on stage and behind. WISP is a production office and a network for women and transgender people in the performing arts all professions. Evenings organized by WISP, Atalante and GoldDigger Productions.

Invited guests were; Nasim Aghili, Elin Grelsson Almestad, Andy Candy, Linda Spåman och Ika Johannesson