Frauke Endangered
In Endangered has the artistic process started from an exploration of organic materials, which state, essence, character and quality forms the basis for the creation. Frauke has made a research trip to Gotland, Department of Archaeology and Osteology, Gotland University and collaborated with the Gothenburg Natural History Museum and Världkulturmuseet.

The performance Endangered invite to the temple’s still time, where different room times intertwined. A quiet time, but filled with anticipation. In the stillness hovers questions. Is epochs elapsed, cultures and canceled present? With butoh body expression is explored man’s place and time, as a movement in and out, and through the temple. The set design is wrapped up in a world where shadows play. Set design, costume and lighting design sets the stage in the transformation, as an extension of the dance, with an interaction between open and closed. Costume, set design, lighting and music intertwine in an interaction with butoh body aesthetic dimensions.
Review Endangered
Frauke has created his own genre. Or rather, she’s a genre of its own.
It is strange that such an expressive artist is so hidden in our cultural life. Frauke should be a name, widespread. The visual of her dancing has suitable dimensions for such exposure. But butoh performed not with a bang. The strong seated inside.

Göteborgs-Posten May 7, 2012
Lis Hellstrom Sveningson

May 4 to 9 in 2012 on Atalante
Butoh: Frauke
Music: Henrik Åström
Costume: Matilda Larsson
Set Design: Åsa Thureborn
Lighting design: Viktor Wendin
Production: GoldDigger Productions