Steinunn & Brian Do Art: How to be Original & Debbie and Susan
Steinunn Ketildóttir (IS) and Brian Gerke (US) have been working together 2007 when they debuted Crazy in Love with Mr. Perfect, their first work in their trilogy about love, sex and relationships. The duo is known for their unconventional style of composition, sarcasm, humor and drama.

Steinunn and Brian were included in the Arts Grants Committee’s International Dance Program residency for international dance artists in Gothenburg. During these three weeks the duo were invited into the work-in-progress, workshops and present their work at several venues in Gothenburg with Atalante as host and main stage.

Dance and choreography: Steinunn Ketildóttir and Brian Gerke
Light: Viktor Wendin
Production: Gold Digger Productions
In collaboration with: Danskontoret, Göteborgs Dans och Teater Festival, Atalante, Danscentrum Väst, Skogen och Dansbyrån.