Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson If you build it he will come
A performance lecture that presented a declaration of love to the relationship. To the poor, out of touch and downright destructive. What do you do when you have been in a wedding dress in a student dormitory in the name of love and got a NO or hung up a declaration of love in a shop window with a hope but no response?

This is not madness. But maybe if purposefulness and marketing. Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson invited to lecture, performance and in some cases humiliation on the theme of relationship. In spring 2009, Cecilia traveled to New York with two goals. The first was to find true love, and the other to write a hand book.
There was no book, it became a lecture.
But did it become love?
If you build it he will come premiered at Atalante in 2009 and played to sold out houses.

With/by: Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson
Artistic help: Johanna Larsson
Sound: Pär Bengtsson
Production: GoldDigger Productions