Karolin o Hanna 7 11 2014 - 8334 kopia

Sibiri are a artistic duo with Hannah Tolf and visual artist Karolin Kent.
Hannah Tolf is a musician and vocal improviser from Göteborg. With voice, effects and sound recordings, she works in several artistic fields, and has toured and played at venues around the world. She is active with her own quartet and with the experimental trio Soil Collector.
In Soil Collector the members explores the human movement and relationship to nature and to each other. The group has a collaboration with the mask maker Torbjörn Alström and filmmaker Donovan von Martens. They work with clay, photography and film to illustrate identity, integrity and freedom.
Hannah’s own music, moves between free improvisation and written music and is based on feelings, experiences and is asking questions about self-awareness and empathy. Hannah has an ongoing collaboration with the visual artist Karoline Kent in their duo Sibiri, now working on the piece VARIAM, en trilogi under broar.

Karolin Kent is an interdisciplinary artist with the focus on movement and visual art. Her artistic practice is motivated through research within humanitarian, environmental and political matters. Since 2011 Karolin has presented work within performance, film and photography nationally and internationally. She is looking to integrate arts in different social contexts such as public spaces, education and therapeutic work, which aims to engage marginalized groups within arts.